BHS Submits “Bring the Ring Back to Ballard” Grant

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, Ballard Historical Society submitted a Small and Simple Grant to the City of Seattle. The project, called “Bring the Ring Back to Ballard,” requested funds to add an automated, programmable bell to the existing bell in Marvin’s Garden Park. The bell would ring regularly as it once did to signal the end of the day for Ballard’s shingle mill workers.
We didn’t submit this grant alone. The bell ringing project has quite a history and has been the subject of much community support over the decades. We hope to unfold more of that history on this blog,
More recently, Rob Mattson of the Department of Neighborhoods reminded us of those community efforts. We’re also spurred on by contact from Mrs. Bertha Davis, a Webster School teacher who said, “I’d really like to hear that bell ring again!” Within weeks, we received volunteer pledges of almost double the amount requested from the city.
So stay tuned — we’re on a mission to hear Ballard’s bell ring again too!


About Ballard Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ballard history.
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