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Writer Katy Westlund of the Ballard News Tribune says, “In the last decade, Ballard has undergone some undeniable changes.” If you’re a long-term Ballard resident, we’re sure you would agree. The article, “The ‘Belltownization’ of Ballard,” discusses these changes from the viewpoint of those who know Ballard well. One of those interviewed, Rob Mattson of the Department of Neighborhoods, had nice things to say about the Ballard Historical Society. He says, “They are trying to do their best to create a public education campaign in reminding us all and educating new neighbors that there is history and roots here that need to be respected and honored.” The article also discusses multi-use development in our neighborhood (see the article link below).
Some of our efforts include a Classic Home Tour, lectures and events throughout the year, and ongoing Archives efforts. Most recently we launched an effort to hear the Old City Hall bell ring again on a regular basis, which you can read more about here.
We’re always looking for new ideas: Are you a newbie or an old-timer? What are your ideas for improving Ballard and keeping our history on the minds of those who embrace Ballard? (Shameless plug: You might consider membership as a great way to become involved.)
Read the entire Ballard News Tribune article here and then come back to and let us know what you think!


About Ballard Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ballard history.
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