A New Look

Abby and Old City Hall Picture

Abby and Old City Hall

Our offices at the City of Seattle Neighborhood Service Center in Ballard have a new look. Okay, we only have a “cube,” but we’re proud of it! Ballard Historical Society is grateful to the City for continuing to accommodate us. Very recently, we learned that more neighborhood staff would be sharing the space, so we were required to organize our archives and operations to prepare for the new configuration. Cass O’Callaghan embraced the task of sorting out some very old boxes and making everything neat so that it could be moved to our new location. The new location is only a few feet away, but instead of piles we now have everything neatly tucked away in file cabinets and our desk. We even have a lovely picture of Ballard’s old city hall to inspire us.

We toured our new cube at the last trustees meeting. Cass was helped in this project by our Archives intern Abby Taplin and trustee Laura Cooper. Thank you also to Rob Mattson of the Service Center for facilitating our move and securing yet another file cabinet for our use!

BHS New Office
Abby and Cass

About Ballard Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ballard history.
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