Send your Ballard Market receipts to BHS!

Turning your Ballard Market receipts to Ballard Historical Society is a wonderful way that you can support our ongoing efforts.  It’s as simple as continuing to do something you already do: shop at The Ballard Market!  For many years our Board Member Marion Hafterson has organized the collection of receipts for The Ballard Market’s 1% program. To participate, just save up your receipts from the Ballard Market and turn them in to Marion either at our lecture events or by mailing them to PO Box 17775, Seattle, Wa, 98172.  She will add them up, submit them to the Ballard Market and they will  write us a check for 1% of the receipts.   We can use these funds to support our BHS projects and events!  Tell your friends!

The Ballard Market's 1% Program is a great way to support BHS!


About Ballard Historical Society President

Junior League of Seattle, Talking Book and Braille Library Volunteer, Salmon Bay & Aerie #1 Eagles, Women's Council of Realtors, Ballard Historical Society, Ballard Writer's Collective emcee and Remax Hall of Fame Broker.
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