Ballard Bell Grant Awarded

BHS LogoThe “Bring the Ring Back to Ballard” project has been awarded funds from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to install an automated, programmable mechanism on old Ballard City Hall bell at Marvin’s Garden Park. The Ballard Historical Society, which worked with the Bell steering committee to submit the grant in January, is thrilled to announce the city’s commitment to our project, which has been building steam for decades!

Of course, the work has just begun. The Small and Simple Grant from the Neighborhood Matching Funds requires the committee and BHS to involve the Ballard community, businesses near the bell, City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and the Parks Department to ensure the installation meets certain requirements. As the official blog for this project, BallardHistory Blog will help to communicate the project’s progress and needs. Please click ”Sign Up for Ballard History WordPress” (see the right side of our blog) to stay updated!

BHS thanks the community for coming together — in record time! — to pledge volunteer hours and in-kind goods and services for the effort. We even received pledges to bake cookies and cupcakes! And if you haven’t had a chance to pledge your help, we’re sure you can contribute in some way, if only to show up at the big party we’ll have around the ringing bell.

More info
To learn more about the grant, please read this BallardHistory Blog post. And see this new Steering Committee page, set up for the committee to communicate their needs and updates.
Want to help? Tell us your (neighbors’) memories
Do you remember the bell ringing every day? If you’re too young, ask around — we’re sure some of your neighbors remember it! When you get the scoop, we’d love to hear it. Just “Post Comment” below.


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3 Responses to Ballard Bell Grant Awarded

  1. Dawn says:

    Congrats on the grant! I can’t wait to here the bell ring!

  2. Ballard Historical Society VP says:

    Such a great project! One that everyone can enjoy. I can’t wait to hear the bell ring regularly!

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