Article on Carnegie Library Building

Ballard Carnegie Library

BHS Archives, 1904

Ballard writer Nancy Chaney recently published an article in the Seattle Times about the Carnegie Library building on Market Street. The owners would like to sell the property. Of note is that the owners are pursuing a private sale. Chaney says, “Morrison does not have the property listed with a real-estate broker. Instead she sent out notices to a half-dozen or so businesses and investors she thought might have an interest in purchasing and preserving it, or know someone who would.”

Chaney interviewed Greg Griffith, a deputy state historic preservation officer, who explained that the building is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places, but the list is merely an “honorary” recognition which does provide any protections.

Please note that our posting of this article does not imply BHS endorsement or protection of this property. As a volunteer organization we have minimal resources. However, we welcome your comments, which are moderated before posting.

Read the full article below:


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