Graduation Season Brings Memories of Ballard High School

Ballard High School Class of 1903

Ballard High School 1903 -- Entire Class!

A special thanks to our Archives intern Megan Churchwell who provided this story.

As high schoolers around Seattle prepare to graduate in the coming weeks, we look back on the thousands of students who have preceded them. This year marks the 110th year for Ballard High School, which is the oldest continuously-operating high school program in Seattle. The school got its start in 1901 when grades eleven and twelve were added to the already-existing Central School, creating the first four-year high school in Ballard. Classes were much smaller back then. See the portrait above showing the 1903 class – all six
students! (All of the photos shown in this blog come from our archives. You can search for pictures at

The Ballard Historical Society archives have many great photos of the school building throughout its history. Here’s one of our earliest, a postcard from around 1908. In 1915, the school got a new building. This photo of it was taken just after construction was completed.

Go Beavers! The 1948 Ballard High School baseball team sits on the steps of the school in this photo. Many of you might be more familiar with the way Ballard High School looked after its addition built in 1960.

Aren’t these old photos fun? Do you have any photos of Ballard High School to add to our
collection? We’d love to see them! Contact us.


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