Commemorating Morris and Lynn Moen

Ballardhistory blog Passport to Ballard

Moens with Passport to Ballard

In this post, we commemorate two Ballard residents who preserved our history and helped to found the Ballard Historical Society.

Lynn and Morris Moen were both born in Ballard and have spent most of their lives here. Morris’ father was a merchant marine officer; Lynn’s father was a halibut fisherman. Morris’ career away from Seattle included service in Belgium during World War II with the U.S. Army, and Lynn lived in Boston for two years after graduating from the University of Washington. The couple have been married for over 50 years, and raised four children in Ballard (Martha, Keith, Arne and John).

Morris helped found the Ballard Historical Society and was its first president. The “Dream of America” exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum came to be because Morris installed the sound system. Lynn operated Birth and Life Bookstore at 70th NW and Alonzo Streets. Her roles as co-author, contributor and editor yielded the following titles, so well known to history buffs: Passport to Ballard, Voices of Ballard, Tasty Traditions. Lynn is currently contributing to a new Voices of Ballard.

Thank you, Morris and Lynn, for your lifelong contributions to Ballard’s unique culture.

Note: Content for this story was generously provided by Marion Hafterson, another BHS founding member. Read Meet Trustee Marion Hafterson.


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