Important: Join Us November 7

In September we achieved a partial victory in having Ballard’s Carnegie Library nominated as a Seattle landmark. Our job is not done yet! The landmark board will make their final decision on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. At this designation hearing, the board hopes to hear additional public comment that addresses the landmark standards specifically. Can you attend the hearing and help ensure the future of this stately Ballard gem? The Seattle Landmark Preservation Board meets in the Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 5th Avenue, 40th floor, room 4060. We’ll be there: we hope to see you too.

In November 2011, Ballard Historical Society joined forces with architect Larry Johnson to nominate the Ballard Carnegie Library for City of Seattle Landmark status. The Seattle Landmark Preservation Board voted unanimously in support of the Ballard Carnegie Library’s nomination for city landmark status on September 19, 2012. Next Wednesday, November 7, the landmark board meets again to hear from concerned citizens and to give their final ruling on the designation.

Ballard Historical Society’s mission states that we are dedicated to the preservation, education and celebration of Ballard’s history. While our motto may be focused on Ballard’s history, with regards to the Ballard Carnegie Library, we are concerned with the future

  • The future of a proud building that has been listed on the National Registerof Historic Places since 1979.
  • The future of one of the few buildings, aside from those protected in the Ballard Avenue Landmark District, remaining from the City of Ballard.
  • The future of the oldest existing library in all of Seattle – right in the heart of Ballard!
  • And finally, we are concerned with the future of a building whose formidable and stately presence has dominated the Ballard skyline since 1904.

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