Enduring Quality and Style

BHS_Blog_Tour_BWLightFixtureEnduring quality and style…these are great words to describe the homes we’ve selected for the Ballard Historical Society’s 2013 Classic Home Tour. On Sunday, June 23, 2013, ticket-holders from close and far can enjoy the classic craftsmanship that makes Ballard homes livable for modern families. As in the past, local retailers will sell tickets, and then you’ll exchange your ticket on June 23 for a brochure, which will contain a map and home summaries. This year, we’re adding an online payment system too.

Between now and then, there’s lots to do. A research committee will present its research on the homes as a gift to the homeowners in exchange for allowing guests to admire their homes. The Classic Home Tour committee is making arrangements: photographing the homes, promoting the tour, making arrangements with ticket retailers and sponsors, producing the tour brochure, and making the entire “day-of-tour” run smoothly for our guests.

Do you have friends and neighbors interested in the tour? Encourage them to sign up for our blog to the right at “Sign up.” New: You can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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