Building Renovation Fair

BHS_Blog_HistoricSeattleFairOn Saturday, April 13, 2013, you can dream and plan among the exhibits and demonstrations at the Building Renovation Fair, sponsored by Historic Seattle. Historic Seattle says the show is different from most home shows in that “we focus specifically on appropriate methods and materials for repairing old buildings.” If you’re the owner of an old home, there’s bound to be something here for you.

While not a BHS event, we love the kinds of events that provide tips on living practically in these old structures. Presentations at previous Building Renovation Fairs have included “Masonry Restoration,” “Preparing your Historic Home for Earthquakes,” and “Interior Storm Windows for Old Buildings.” For more details, see Historic Seattle.

The location for this year’s fair is Washington Hall, one of Historic Seattle’s current “works in progress.” The organization is restoring the 1908 Danish Brotherhood Hall for future live performances and workshops.

Tour announced: Our 2013 Classic Home Tour is Sunday, June 23. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for ticket details!

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