Great Day for Ballard

History lovers from near (as in Ballard) and far (as in Phoenix and Texas) enjoyed the 2013 Ballard Historical Society tour on Sunday, June 23. Visitors respectfully removed their shoes, then wandered through the rooms to admire the details in wood, glass and tile. Homeowners were on hand to explain their efforts to maintain or restore their homes and tell the stories of their ownership as well as of previous generations who had lived in their homes. Phrases such as “the gnome house,” “the ferry house,” “the wavy roof house” and “the house with all the interior windows” were used to describe these unique seven homes of enduring style and craftsmanship that have never been featured on the Ballard Classic Homes Tour.

What would we do without the homeowners who readied their houses, got out the old pictures and documented their work? Our first thanks goes to them. Next, our thanks to the volunteer docents, who welcomed or counted visitors and settled in for a shift (in exchange for free tickets to see the other homes). Several local businesses partnered to sell tickets, and we hope you’ll stop into Sunset Hill Green Market, Secret Garden Bookshop, Johnson & Johnson Antiques, and RE Store to thank them. Historical society tours require lots of coordinating, and for this we thank Lesli Billings, Ballard Historical Society trustee. This was Lesli’s second round as Classic Homes Tour Coordinator. Other BHS trustees photographed, publicized, and did the numbers to help make the tour succeed.

Did you attend the tour? Let us know your favorite details by submitting a comment below, or by posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages (search for BallardHistory). If you’d like to learn more about what’s going on in Ballard, subscribe using the box to the right (no worries, we post infrequently and never share addresses). Please consider a membership to support tours and other informational programs on Ballard history, transportation and culture. Memberships are as low as $20 per year, and we need your help to preserve and celebrate Ballard’s unique history and culture.


About Ballard Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ballard history.
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