Ballard Bell Rings…For the Seahawks

JayCook Ballard Historical Society c 2014The Ballard Bell rings regularly, which was a primary goal of our installing a programmable bell mechanism. And last night it rang again for a secondary goal — the ability to mark a special occasion. In this case, the Seattle Seahawks victory at the Superbowl! Here is Jay Craig, on hand to add to the atmosphere for those streaming out of pubs onto Ballard Avenue and elsewhere in Ballard. (Poor Jay, squinting from the camera’s flash!) He said, “I might be here all night!” Cars honked, people cheered — and the Ballard Bell rang many cycles. Did you see Jay or hear the bell during your celebrations?

Thanks to community involvement and a City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods grant, Ballard Historical Society installed an automated, programmable mechanism on Ballard’s old city hall bell in May 2011. The bell is located in Marvin’s Garden at the corner of Ballard Avenue NW and 22nd Avenue NW. Jay Craig, pictured, lent engineering and project management skills to the Bring the Ring Back to Ballard effort.

Below is a picture of other revelers about one block away, streaming onto NW Market Street amidst friendly car horns and cheers. Need we say it? Go Seahawks!

2014 Ballard Historical Society Superbowl 2014

Bring the Ring Back to Ballard

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About Ballard Historical Society

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