AFAR Magazine to Highlight Ballard

AFARAFAR magazine wants to introduce visitors to locales from the perspectives of locals. This weekend, the magazine will lead a visit to Ballard this Saturday, March 8, as part of its AFAR Experiences series. BHS Trustee Cass O’Callaghan is one of the speakers on the itinerary. Ballard is part of the three-day excursion highlighting various spots in Seattle. Here’s how the organizers describe the events arranged for a small group of visitors (the event is sold out):

“There are many things that make the Emerald City shine: the stellar food scene; its influence on global innovation and technology; a trailblazing music industry; its leadership position in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility; the collaborative and creative arts community…this list goes on.

During AFAR Experiences Seattle, you’ll be introduced to many of the major influencers and community leaders behind these significant stories and be given an opportunity to engage and connect with them in a meaningful way. We’ll visit local establishments and iconic venues: some that have put Seattle on the map, while others are less on the radar but equally inspiring and important in the story of the city.”

Read about AFAR’s venture here. (Click Itinerary and Speakers & Hosts areas.)


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