2013 Ballard Classic Home Tour

RooflineEvery three years, the Ballard Historical Society showcases the solid craftsmanship of Ballard homes. Our 2013 home tour was a success, and we’ll do it again in 2016. We select our homes based on site visits and interviews with homeowners. The 2013 tour featured vintage Ballard residences of unique character and modern livability. Built by skilled craftsmen, these modest homes exemplify lasting quality that continues to support generations of Ballard families.

The Ballard Classic Home Tour is BHS’ biggest fundraiser, which enables the organization to take part in community projects; present free informative lectures related to Ballard’s History and maintain its archives.

Ways to Help
If 2016 seems like a long way away, there’s lots to get involved in. Type your e-mail in the box to right to sign up for BHS and Ballard news. Or consider becoming a member to help us preserve and celebrate the history of this unique Seattle neighborhood. Want to volunteer as a tour docent for the next tour? Contact us.

About the Ballard Historical Society
The Ballard Historical Society was formed in 1988 and is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the unique history and culture of Ballard, Washington. The society is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides community and educational programs and maintains an extensive photo archive.

About Ballard
We speak of Ballard as a Seattle “neighborhood,” but did you know that Ballard was once a separate city? Until 1907, when it was annexed to Seattle, Ballard had its own city government, complete with City Hall and Mayor. Ballard Historical Society’s photographic archives, with over 1,000 images, document this interesting history.


2 Responses to 2013 Ballard Classic Home Tour

  1. Christine Anderson says:

    Would like to know what houses these are and if any of them were built by or owned by people of Norwegian descent. Thanks for the info. Christine

    • Hello, thanks for your interest. To preserve the privacy of the homeowners, locations are private until the day of the tour, when ticket-holders exchange their tickets for brochures which detail the homes’ histories. Sounds as if you’re interested in Norwegian history, and of course Ballard has had lots of Norwegian (as well as other Scandinavian) immmigrants. We hope you can make it on June 23! Also contact us if you have other interests in Ballard history.

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