Past Events

BHS Lecture Greg Lange

Greg Lange

Just a few of our recent events are highlighted here.

Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard, “Measuring Ballard and Beyond.” May 2014.

Ballard Classic Home Tour. June 2013.

Barbara Hainley, “Seventh Elect Church in Israel & Kirke Park.” March 2013.

Lorraine McConaghy, MOHAI, New Land, North of the Columbia, April 2012.

Paula Becker and Alan J. Stein of HistoryLink. “The Future Remembered” 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. November 2011.

Bring the Ring Back to Ballard” project kickoff party and celebration of Mrs. Bertha Davis. February 2011.

Greg Lange, Puget Sound Regional Archives, “Home Research 201: Delve Deeper Into Your Home’s History.” October 2010.

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