What are Seattle’s Early Families up to?

BHS_Blog_SeattleFoundersA recently-aired story on KUOW radio attempted to answer the question, “Seattle’s Early Families: Where are they now?” A KUOW listener proposed the story, and reporter Joshua McNichols followed up.

The story profiles Zack Cook (Denny family), Kai Braaten (Maynard family), Kathie Zetterberg (Yesler family), and Ken Workman (Chief Seattle family) — all descendants of our city’s early residents. On the radio station’s Web site, you can see the line of descendants from the original family to the current generation.

Listen to the story, or read the transcript, by clicking the link below. If you value these types of local history projects, tell KUOW.org, and tell your friends by sharing on Facebook or simply e-mail the link below to share the story.

Who are the Descendants of Seattle’s Early Families?

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